• MiLight Wall Mounted 4 Zone RGBW RF Controller

Mi-Light RGBW 2.4GHz Wall controller behaves like a hand held remote for controlling RGB or RGBW LED strip.

The controller needs a 240V power feed to operate and has a range of up to 30m.

A single wall controller can control any number of RGB or RGBW receivers within range.

It also supports  up to 4 zones of independent lighting control.

This requires RGB strip with warm white and cool white LEDs to take full advantage of the controller feautures

The stylish scratch resistant  glass touch plate provides very responsive colour and brightness control with up to 16 million selectable colours.

A delay button will automatically turn off the light after 60 seconds.

The dimmer also incorporates an LED indicator light for finding the switch in the dark.

Technical Data
Range 30m
Transmission RF 2.4GHz
Control Method Remote control of unlimited receivers
Input Voltage 180-240V 50Hz

MiLight Wall Mounted 4 Zone RGBW RF Controller

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